Pacific Associates Limited Minato-ku Tokyo Japan: Pharmaceutical Healthcare

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The pharmaceutical industry in Japan is the 2nd largest in the world, and market for the best talent is extremely competitive. With an combined track record of over 500 successful placements, the Pharmaceutical Team at Pacific Associates Limited has the local experience and know-how to assist pharmaceutical professionals in Japan. Our consultants possess intimate knowledge of the Japanese market and understanding of local business practices, as well as line manager contacts. We are at the forefront of industry trends and the latest available positions. Such knowledge and connections enable us to keep updated industry professionals on happenings in this ever-changing market, as well as allow us to give qualified feedback on their career development.


Our pharmaceutical clients cover a broad range, from small, to mid-sized, to large multinational companies, as well as vendors (CROs, SMOs and market research firms). The main driver behind our success with clients is our deep understanding of their inner workings and hiring needs. Whether it be the pipeline, company structure, connection with key members (decision makers) in the organization or future expansion plans, our thorough knowledge of our clients and their needs distances us from our competitors and distinguishes us as true "search partners."