Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Bringing insightful art concepts

People who know Devin will surely tell you that her passion for art is incomparable. She even formed the Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants to provide more help to a lot of people when it comes to art. The service of Devin often receives positive reviews because of her kind and caring gestures to clients where she naturally shows a friendly approach when she’s working with them.


Using her experience and record as the foundation of her service, Devin could guarantee a good and a beautiful result all the time. Her ability to design spaces for art and including art into existing spaces is really trustworthy, and she is also consistent in giving an assiduous service. Devin is the one to call in adding the advantage of art into your home or commercial space. She can really do the job of curating and placing artwork to the place of your choice very well. With all that said, Devin proves to be versatile in working with any art related capacity and work within any budget. Moreover, she can specifically do commissioning on distinct works of art, buying from local galleries or from retail websites.


Clients are often amazed at Devin’s undying dedication to the concept of art. And her life overall seems to be filled with so much beauty that it is already showing on her great personality. What’s more astounding is that she also graduated with a degree in Art History and had received a certificate in Decorative and Fine Art Appraisal Studies from New York University. Those support her true and trained understanding to the value of art.


Devin’s master’s thesis, “The Interrelationship of Art and Space: An Investigation Of Late 19th And Early Twentieth Century European Painting”, gave more deep to her passion for art. It even received the Joel Polsky Achievement Award from the ASID Educational Foundation and is featured in IIDA’s Knowledge Center. In particular, it focuses on the huge significance of color, texture, placement, scale, and context of art in space, which also presents her fascination to the relationship of art and space.


She’s appointed with a Graduate Internship at the National Gallery of Art in the Design and Installation Department and served on the Washington State University's Art Selection Committee. Devin’s natural talent for art shows in her past and present success, and it will surely continue in the future.


As mentioned earlier, Devin has a flexible approach to dealing with the needs of her clients, because she understands that each of them has unique budget, goals, and style. She respects the fact that each has different interests, thus she continues her study to provide the best and rewarding art service to each and every client.


Look forward to eternal and inspired interiors with Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants as well because Devin assures to make a curated interior design, along with art consulting, according to the given requirements of the client. Her plans are made from detailed considerations to ensure the success of each project. Her creativeness is sometimes based on the rich details of the past and modern simplicity. 


Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants is experienced to tell good paint colors, furniture and the idea of a complete interior. This is because Devin has the years of experience needed to be able to do this job properly. Each recommendation and suggestion have a good basis and you can be certain that she can work well with any large or small residential and commercial projects. Devin also encourages first-timers to not hesitate to come to her for her service. She’s very excited to share new ideas to new clients and she’s also keen to listen to any of their concerns.


Whether she’s with a team or working individually, expect Devin to give her best in putting up or adding art to your home or commercial space.